Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fall Break (10/14-10/15/2010)

For fall break we planned a couple of fun filled days for our family. The first thing we did was go to Trafalga to use the fun passes we won from Pony Express Days. We all played miniature golf.
Then Cody and Riley got to go and play laser tag. Then I was the lucky one that got to ride in the bumper boats with Riley. The kid totally soaked me. He would not leave me alone and he squirted me right in the face. This might not have been so bad if it was hot, but it was October and night time. We were both pretty cold by the time we were done. The funny thing is that there isn't really a time limit and after about 5 minutes I was done. I told the guy running the thing and he helped me out. He said he couldn't believe I even lasted that long. Then Riley and some other kids kept going for a while longer. He was so soaked by the time he was done. We actually had to take his shirt off and hold it up to the car heater to dry it out. But all in all we had a lot of fun and the best part was that it was all for free!! We even got large dippin' dots for free!
The next day we decided to drive into Salt Lake. We went to the Utah Museum of Natural History and we were able to watch a dinosaur show. Of course Riley loved this. At one point he even got to be part of the show and pretend to be a dinosaur. Unfortunately there were so many kids that it was hard to get a picture of him.
After the museum we stopped by to see my brother Scott, since he only works a few building away from the museum. Then we drove up the Big Cottonwood canyon to have a picnic. After our picnic we found a couple geocaches. One of them was called an earth cache, that's where you find something earth made. That's what the picture below is, we found Quartzite.
After we found the geocaches we took a hike up Stairs Gulch. It was a short hike but it was a little steep which got a little difficult carrying a baby. It was still a wonderful hike. The fall colors were beautiful and you could here a stream, it was so peaceful. It was a fun-filled day in the outdoors.
We definitely had a great family fall break!

Now you see it, now you don't! (10/6/2010)

After almost 10 years of marriage Cody decided it was time to shave off his goatee. For some reason he felt like he should. He hadn't been clean shaven since he attended BYU-SL while we were dating.
It took Chase a few minutes to decide whether he wanted this strange man to pick him up.
Not even two months after he shaved off his goatee, Cody was called at the Executive Secretary to the Bishop. I guess it serves him right. :)

First Tooth!!! 9/13/2010

What day for teeth!!

Riley lost his first tooth.
And Chase is getting his first tooth. Notice it's the same tooth.