Friday, August 13, 2010


Just some cute pictures of Riley and Chase

They both fell asleep in the car. Notice Chase's foot in Riley's eye.

6 months old!

Here's just a bunch of pictures of Chase.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

June 2010

At the beginning of the summer we were able to see our best buds, Joe and Liz Sharon. They were here visiting from Tennessee. We got together and we played Lego Rockband, while the kids played and watched a movie.
We also did one of our long time traditions, going to Leatherby's and getting Rob's banana split!! As always it was absolutely delicious and we had a blast getting to hang out with our friends.
Next, we went to Hogle Zoo and saw the baby elephant, Zuri.

We finally got to fly a kite! Riley's been wanting to do this for over a year and every time we tried the wind was either too strong or wasn't consistent enough to keep the kite up. So we finally got to fly the dragon kite.

Robyn and Matt came to visit, and while they were here we did quite a few things. The kids played Lego Rockband.

We went to the Lehi Fire Station and the kids got to go on a tour and try on the firefighters' clothes.
Left to Right top row: Ben, Haley (Scott's girlfriend), Christian
Bottom row: Cole and Riley

We went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens with my parents.

We all went on a tour of the Sweet's Candy Factory. Even Chase had to wear a beard net on his head.

Since the kids are getting older and we had many of our boys playing baseball this year, we decided to play a family game of baseball.
My Mom

Then on the very last day of June, my sisters and I went to see Twilight: Eclipse. What a great ending to a fun filled month.
Robyn on the left, Hope on the right


Riley played Coach Pitch baseball this year and Cody was his coach.

Unfortunately, between dealing with Chase and somehow becoming the Assistant to the coaches (helping the kids get ready to bat and keeping the line up in order), I didn't get to record Riley at the bat as much as I had planned. I missed some of his best hits. He really did a great job, I was so proud of him.

Look at that stance, doesn't he look like a pro.
Cody did a great job coaching too. I had one parent tell me that they were so glad he was their son's coach because he's so great with the kids. Our Assistant Coach told him that if he coached again next year that he'd really like to be his Assistant again because he was so great to work with. I also saw a great improvement in all of our kids. By the end of the season every single one of them was able to get a hit without having to use the tee.

I'm just so proud of both of my boys!!