Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Premiere!!

Thanks to a family member of a friend, I was able to attend a premiere showing of Twilight on Thursday at 7:00 pm. (I didn't have to stay out until 2:30 am!) It was so much fun. Eight of us drove to Jordan Commons in my friend Jill's Excursion and on the way we listened to the soundtrack. (We liked the soundtrack even more on the way home after we saw the movie.) We had dinner and then got in line to go into the theatre. As we approached the door to the theatre we found out that they were scanning us with a wand to make sure we didn't have any cameras. Of course we had cameras!! So Laisa and I had to run all the way back to the car to put our cameras away. The "guards" were from Summit Entertainment and since we were getting a special preview we couldn't take any pictures. They wanted everyone to take their cell phones back to their cars too. Since everyone had phones, they compromised and just let us turn them off. Luckily, I did take a couple pictures while we were eating dinner.

(Me and Jill)

As we walked into the theatre they handed us VIP badges. (Thanks Laisa for taking a picture and posting it on your blog so I could steal it.) Some of the badges had symbols or words on the back that meant you won a prize. A few of us in our group won a bookmark. Then we finally sat back and enjoyed the movie. I absolutely loved it! I was expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised and I can't wait to see it again!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toilet paper anyone?

So this is a little embarrassing but it's too funny not to share.
Yesterday I went in the bathroom and realized, after it was too late, that we were out of toilet paper. I called to Riley and told him to go to the other bathroom and get me some toilet paper. A couple minutes later he came in holding three squares of paper. (I had just put new toilet paper in the other bathroom the night before and I had left the rest of the package in there on the floor.) I explained to him that I wanted the whole roll, not just a little piece. He said that he couldn't get the whole roll out, so I told him to just bring the whole package.
A few minutes later he walked in like this

I was so angry that he had just ruined an entire roll of toilet paper but I busted out laughing. Apparently, he never saw the entire package of toilet paper sitting right in front of him! When he said he couldn't get the roll out, he didn't mean from the package, he meant he couldn't get it off the toilet paper roll holder. So he just unrolled the WHOLE roll and brought it to me. Thanks Riley, you are so helpful!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where are my keys?

Today, Riley and I went shopping to get the last few things that I needed for my enrichment night tomorrow. We were at our last stop, Walmart. As we were getting closer to the car, I reached in my purse to get my keys. I have a special pocket that I always put my keys in, but they weren't there. So I started looking through my purse and I said, "Where are my keys?" Riley said, "Maybe they're in the car." I said, "I hope not, because the car is locked." I'm sure you can all see where this is going. Yes, the keys were in the car, in fact they were still in the ignition! Now I'm not always the best at locking my car, but I've tried to be much better. I honestly don't even remember flipping the automatic locks as I was getting out. But I did.
Now the question is, how do I get my car unlocked and how do I get home? The only other key that we have is on Cody's key ring and he is over 20 minutes away. Also, I didn't really want to call him and make him leave work. I did try to call him to see if he had any ideas on how I could break into our car. Then I realized that he wasn't even in his office today, he was out somewhere in the school, so I had no idea how to even get a hold of him. So I started calling everyone I knew in my ward that was in my cell phone or that I knew by heart. Apparently, everyone else was out for the day too. I finally got a hold of my friend Tanya and she was able to give me the number for the police department. I called the police station and 10 minutes later a nice police officer was there to unlock my car. It only took him about 2 minutes and my car was unlocked. I'm so grateful to be home and to know where my keys are!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Snack?

We were watching TV the other night and we saw one of the previews for Twilight. Riley was there with us and when the preview was over he looked at me and said, "Why does him think her's a snack?" Okay, I know his english wasn't great but I could not believe he was perceptive enough to realize that James was talking about Bella when he said, "You brought a snack."

On that note, I can't wait until the movie comes out next week. I know things will inevitably be different than the book, but I'm still very excited to go and see it on Thursday!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I love to see the Temple

This weekend, Cody and I were able to attend the wedding of our friend Kristin at the SLC temple. It has almost been eight years since Cody and I were married in the SLC temple. As we sat in the sealing room, waiting for the bride and groom, we had time to remember our wedding. Cody was sure that we were sitting in the exact same room that we were married in. He said that it looked just like it. :) Of course they all look the same so I'm not really sure if it was the same room or not. But it was kind of fun to think that it was the same room.
As the sealing continued, I was reminded of the covenants that we made and the blessings that we have been given. I am so grateful that we were married in the temple. I am grateful to know that we have been sealed to eachother and to Riley for time and all eternity. I am grateful that I was also born in the covenant and that I'm sealed to my family. We are so blessed to know for a fact that we will be together in the next life. My grandparents are not LDS, they hope and believe that they will be together again but they don't have that assurance like we do.
I am so excited for Kristin and Jared and the life that they have begun together. You could not mistake the joy they had in their faces as they were joined together forever. Thanks again for letting us be part of your wonderful day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. Of course carving was a little difficult for Riley so he helped us poke the holes and then he had fun drawing pictures on the pumpkins. Cody helped out a by gutting the pumpkins and then using his power tools to cut the small circles. He also carved the tiny pumpkin. I ended up doing most of the carving. I think next year we'll only get one pumpkin!

Halloween day was a lot of fun. Riley and I went to the elementary school where I used to work and watched the Halloween Parade. It's always so fun to see all of the kids in their costumes. It was also really great to see everyone that I used to work with. Then we went to Cody's work. Then we stopped by the District Office so I could see some of the ladies there that I didn't get to say good-bye to. That was fun for Riley because they let the kids come trick-or-treating there. If we would've had time he could've filled his whole bucket there, but we had to leave and go to preschool. It was definitely a full day of Halloween fun.
That night, I took Riley trick-or-treating while Cody stayed home to answer the door. We went with our friends the Christensen's. It was a lot more fun for Riley to have some other kids to go with instead of just going with me. I couldn't believe it, but we ended up going for 2 1/2 hours. There were a few times where we went into the house's and we sat and talked for little bit so it wasn't 2 1/2 hours straight. I'm just glad that it was such a nice night, it was perfect weather for trick-or-treating. I always hated it when it was so cold that we had to bundle up in our coats and stuff and then you couldn't see our costumes.

Shaelee and Tanner

Now this was Riley's first time really trick-or-treating. Last year we had a trunk-or-treat, and the years before that he was so little we just went to a couple houses. So I tried to coach him before he went. I told him to just go to the door, say trick-or-treat, and then say thank you. I told him that even if they had something he didn't like to say thank you and then Cody or I would eat it or we'd throw it away. He was doing pretty good, then at one door I noticed that he said something to the person at the door but I couldn't hear what he said. When the three kids came back, I asked the older kids what he said and they told me that he said, "I already have this treat." I guess I didn't train him well enough. :)