Monday, November 9, 2009

Pie anyone?

This last weekend we had a chili/pie cook off in our ward. I decided to make a coconut cream pie. There were a total of 29 pies and I won 1st place! I couldn't believe it, I honestly didn't submit the pie thinking I would win anything. But when it came down to the pie contest they said there was one clear winner by far and then 3 people tied for second place. The criteria for judging the pies were: Did it look good? (Would you buy it at the store?), the crust, if the pie was set up, and of course the over all taste.

I would just like to thank my sister Robyn who gave me the pie filling recipe and my mom who gave me the awesome crust recipe and who taught me how to make it!

(I would've taken a picture of the pie but of course it was all gone and I really didn't think I'd win. But here's a picture of what I won!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We've had lots of fun this Halloween season. First, we started by going to Harvest Fest in Idaho Falls. At Harvest Fest, the kids played games, decorated cookies, rode on a train, went through a corn maze, and did many arts and crafts projects.

Here's Riley with his cousins Zach and Nathan.

The next Halloween activity we did was decorate sugar cookies. Riley has grown immensely in his artistic abilities since last year. Riley was very aware of what color he used to frost each cookie. Notice the bat and the moon and the witch.

Next we went to the trunk or treat for our ward. I had asked Riley what he wanted to be for Halloween and to my surprise he chose to be a scarecrow. That was easy enough for me and very inexpensive. I must say, he made a pretty cute scarecrow!

The next week we went to the school's Halloween carnival. Riley had a blast playing all of the little carnival games. He got a picture with the bearded lady.

And he won "The Grand Prize!" (that's what Riley called it). One of the activities at the carnival was to guess how many candy corns were in the jar. Riley finally decided that he wanted to guess 514. Cody asked what he would get if he won, to his dismay, I told him that Riley would win the jar of candy. Just what we needed, more candy! Later that evening Riley and I were out playing some game while Cody was waiting to get us cotton candy. The next thing Cody knew they were asking if Riley Thompson was in the gym. Cody told them that he was Riley's dad, they informed him that Riley won the guessing game. Apparently, there were a total of 506 candy corns in the jar and Riley's guess was the closest. Later there was a lady that saw us holding the jar full of candy and she asked if we had won. When we informed her that we did and that there was 506, she told us that she had seen Riley's guess and she decided to guess a few more than him, her guess was 518. She seemed a little upset that she didn't win. We just thought it was funny that she wanted to win that badly, especially since she was competing against children.

Here's Riley holding "The Grand Prize"

Our next activity was to make haunted houses out of rice krispie treats.

Last, but not least, we painted pumpkins. Riley decided this year that he would rather paint his pumpkin instead of carving.

I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween season!