Friday, July 23, 2010

Pony Express Days

To start off our summer we were able to celebrate the great city of Eagle Mountain! To start off the week, we got to go on a Scavenger Hunt, seeing some of the businesses that are in Eagle Mountain. Then you turned in your items from the Scavenger Hunt and you were entered into a drawing. Riley ended up winning a pass to Trafalga, a fun center with mini golf, go-karts, batting cages, etc.

Here's one of the items from the Scavenger Hunt. We had to take a picture in front of the stadium for the rodeo. Maybe I should have picked an area that didn't have all the port 'o potties.
When we turned in our form for the Scavenger Hunt, they were having an animal show and a petting zoo.
They also had a baby contest, so I entered Chase. Unfortunately he did not win, I don't think he was dressed up like a cowboy enough (there were babies with belt buckles and cowboy boots). At least I got a really cute picture of him taken for FREE! So it was totally worth entering.
The next day was the geocaching event. If you don't know what that is, it's kind of like treasure hunting with a GPS. We were given 5 sets of coordinates and we had to find the box with the password. We turned in our forms with the passwords and were entered into a drawing. Riley once again won something. He got a set of planter boxes from Home Depot. And Cody won a date night to Trafalga, so now we have 3 passes to Trafalga.

The night of the drawing they had a carnival, Riley had a blast. I'm not sure how much fun Chase had, doesn't he look thrilled.
To end the week full of fun, Eagle Mountain had a parade. It was really big, they had over 120 entries! Here's a few pictures of us sitting at the parade and one with Cosmo. Cosmo wanted us to dance, so we did hoping he'd throw us a shirt. But he didn't throw us one, he only had so many and we were at the very beginning of the parade. Riley got a ton of stuff though, probably 4 lbs of candy, 2 frisbees, a toothbrush, a mini football, and many other items.
It was a really fun week and a great way to kick off our summer!

Last Day of School

Hooray!! It's time for summer!

We decided to start a family tradition, the last day of school we will make homemade pizzas and calzones. Here's Riley's lovely creations. Can you guess what his favorite toppings are?
Apparently this one is a dog.

Kindergarten Graduation


Riley graduated from Kindergarten!

Riley's teacher had a cute presentation for their graduation. There was a mom that made caps and gowns and she also did a slide show of all the kids in Riley's class. It was amazing and yes I did start crying during the slideshow.

Mrs. Joy (the Teacher's Aide)
Mrs. Spaulding, Riley's teacher

Monday, July 5, 2010

Riley's 6th Birthday

I can't believe it's been six years that we've had Riley in our lives. Although, I can't imagine our lives without him.

Riley decided that he wanted to have a Bakugan birthday party with his friends. The stores have Bakugan plates and cups and stuff but no games. So I had to come up with the ideas on my own. I decided to make a big memory game and make bingo cards with different characters from the Bakugan TV show.
Memory Game Wall
Bakugan Bingo (even Grammy joined in with the kids)
Riley doesn't like cake, so I made him an ice cream cake, but instead of using cake I made it with brownies. I purchased the edible image and put in on my ice cream brownie. This was my first attempt doing anything like this and I think it turned out pretty good.
That night, for dinner, Riley chose to go to Pirate Pizza and both sets of grandparents and my grandma were able to come. Pirate Pizza is sort of like Chuck E Cheese except for it has much better food. You can get steak and shrimp but you can also get pizza. The kids can go and play the a rcade games and get tickets. Riley had a lot of fun and he got these fun little balloon animals and laser gun there too. Yes, he was definitely spoiled.